About Sisera


If you’re Oluchukwu “Olai” Nnam, and you try to do the right thing always, what would you do if your boss’s gorgeous wife wants to sleep with you?

What if she happens to be the girl of your dreams?

Olai falls for this seductress though. And that same night, she dies.
Everything points to him as the killer. Even Olai doesn’t know what to believe anymore.

And this triggers his many demons of the past. Night crawling fire-breathing dragons of the soul determined to tear him apart from the inside.

With the police and the SSS on his tail, with time running against him, and everything he holds dear on the line, Olai has no one to trust.

To survive, he must stand against his worst fears, become the man he’s scared of being, and…

…And die.

He must die.

But the clock is ticking.
And Death himself crawls closer every second.

Olai is just a pawn in a much larger chess game.

Do pawns take Kings on Check-mates?

Only Olai can answer this question.

Stay tuned.
Sisera is a 24-hour rollercoaster of a thriller novel set in Abuja.
Written by ‘Nonso John.